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Mar 18, 2015 – sunrise on the beach, 02

Easter is now well behind us and I’ve been back in NYC for a couple weeks at this point…

I’ve managed to unpack my suitcases and get more-or-less caught up with the stuff that accumulated in my absence … but it was only about a week ago that I was able to get back outside with my camera, to resume the “streets of New York” and “peeps in the ‘hood” street-photography projects that I carried out during much of 2013 and 2014.

Because I have a strong desire to let the photos sit untouched for a month before I start editing them (which involves far less discipline than the late Gary Winogrand, who apparently waited a full year before he got any of his film processed!), I won’t be able to inspect any of these street-photography shots until early May.

(For another perspective on waiting a long time before uploading photos, see Eric Kim’s March 23, 2015 blog titled, “What I Learned Processing 164 Rolls of Film After Waiting a Year,” which you can find on the Internet at )

And that means I’ll have to spread out my remaining Florida sunrise shots, and probably upload only one or two new ones each day … unless some other photo project comes along in the next couple of weeks…

Meanwhile, I will continue uploading the old photos from my early childhood in separate batches. I’ll be finishing off a batch from the late 1940s tomorrow, and will then have another large bunch from various places I lived as an infant in the mid-1940s… before uploading some photos taken by my grandparents in the 1920s and 1930s, out in the American West.


I wrote the following notes after returning from this morning’s photo walk:

“Another sunrise photo session on the beach — but this time with a prime 55mm f/1.8 lens, opened up all the way on my Sony A7 full-frame camera. No point trying to get any people, especially if they were in motion; and the sunrise itself was very muted, hidden by pretty thick clouds. So I concentrated mostly on the birds — and while I shot at a fairly high speed (typically around 1/500 second), the wide-open aperture means that a lot of the shots will appear blurred or out of focus. But there might be one or two good ones — and if so, they will be quite different from the regular shots that I’ve been taking at f/8.”


I spent the winter months of 2014-2015 in a warm spot on the beach in Indialantic, FL in order to escape what turned out to be a really brutal winter in the Center of the Universe, as well as most of New England. I’m now back in NYC, but I still have a backlog of Florida shots to edit and upload.

On most of the mornings I was there, I manage to get up about an hour before sunrise every morning, and be out on the beach for a morning walk just as the sun peeked up above the horizon.

On the very first morning, and every morning thereafter, I noticed that I was not the only person on the beach. There werejoggers and walkers out getting their exercise, and *lots* of fishermen casting their lines out into the surf. But down by the 5th Avenue boardwalk — where you can park your car and get a cup of coffee/latte/whatever from the local Starbucks — there were lots and lots of people who clearly came down here just to watch the sunrise. This was particularly true after the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, for we then “sprang forward” and celebrated the arrival of dawn about 7:30 AM, instead of 6:30-ish.

These are some of the morning scenes that I saw — the birds, the people, the long empty beaches, and the glorious sunrise…

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