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For over 20 years, Janet Levine has worked for and with nonprofit and educational organizations, helping to grow their advancement programs. Her consulting company, Janet Levine Consulting, serves a wide range of organizations from small, all-volunteer agencies to major national organizations. She regularly teaches courses in non-profit management, fundraising and grant development, both face-to-face and online at In addition to her nonprofit work, Janet brings years of experience as a business and sales manager in the for-profit sector. She has an MBA from the Graziadio School of Business at Pepperdine University.

Standing Still Means Moving Backward

The topic was fundraising. Specifically, how to be more effective, efficient and increase your fundraising results. We talked about changes in the sector and changes beyond the sector that affected how we raise funds. “I guess we are just different,” … Continue reading

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The stories we tell

There I was, standing with my two dogs on leash, minding my own business.  Of course, I should have been paying attention, but I was lost in my own world.  Into that world quite suddenly, came a skateboarder.  My dogs … Continue reading

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How a Culture of Philanthropy Can Improve Donor Retention

You know this.  Sixty percent of the donors who make a first-time gift to your organization, never make a second.  And every year thereafter, about 35% of your donors stop giving to you. There appears to be two typical responses … Continue reading

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Fundraising Increases?

Online fundraising is up some percent over last year!  Giving Tuesday grew by another percent!  Headlines like this give me a headache.  The articles that accompany them usually make that headache worse. These could be citing important information.  For example, … Continue reading

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How Much is Too Much?

It’s official.  I am a Millennial.  At least as far as nonprofits who send out emails are concerned. According to a study by Grey Matter Research, millennials get 27 emails a week, while people 65 and older (my natural habitat), say … Continue reading

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