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Resourcing our nonprofits appropriately

The business man was angry.  He had just met with the executive director of a small nonprofit in his area, and he was appalled at how poorly the nonprofit was run. “What was wrong?”  I asked.  It was an organization … Continue reading

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Follow Through Counts

We had planned a car trip before we found out that my husband would be working inRome for 2 weeks at the end of June.  But it’s been so long since we’ve had a vacation that was not tethered by … Continue reading

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Measuring for Success

Measure twice, cut once, my handy husband always says.  And it’s true; if you measure incorrectly, no matter how carefully you do the rest of it, you won’t end up where you want to be. With fundraising—and development professionals—measuring for … Continue reading

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Working With Consultants–Being Clear On What You Want

Many years ago, when I was the Executive Director of a community college, the Board decided we needed to hire a consultant to help us with our fundraising.  I was all for it, and excited that the Board was taking … Continue reading

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Fundraising–it’s a constant

There is a reason capital campaigns (generally) raise more money than regular fundraising efforts.  Part of it, yes, is that there is something concrete (pun not intended) at the end of the day.  But much of it is because the … Continue reading

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