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How NOT to Engage Your Donors

My daughter is 41 years old.  In 7th and 8th grade she went to a private school that turned out to be the only school in her educational career that she enjoyed.  After she moved on to high school, I … Continue reading

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Raising Money

As election results sink in and so many are asking what now, one answer is to support those nonprofits that work in the areas likely to be most affected:  health care, immigration, gay rights, racism, sexism, real news, and so … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Ask

This time of year I am spending a lot of my time working with clients on developing their end of year appeal.  And while I push for a multi-platform approach, the direct mail letter is almost always the launching mechanism … Continue reading

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Cultivation is the Key

At a conference recently, a colleague noted that people engaged in fundraising don’t ask enough.  I demurred.  I think they do ask—but not always appropriately.  What is missing is cultivation. The dictionary definition of cultivation is : To promote or … Continue reading

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Making The Ask, Closing The Deal

I’ve spent almost equal amounts of time asking people to make a charitable contribution to a nonprofit organization and to purchase a good or service from a for profit company.  And what I’ve noticed is that there is not much … Continue reading

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