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The Point Is…Success on Your Terms

She had been in her job—one she loved and did well—for a number of years.  It was time, she thought, to improve her work status. She applied for, and eventually got, a job with a better title and a nice … Continue reading

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Don’t Be An Ostrich

Last week was hard.  I barely slept on Tuesday and woke up Wednesday morning sad, concerned, unnerved.  But I had work to do and so, like most of us, I determined to just get on with it. I’m lucky, however, … Continue reading

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Encouraging Excellence

Maybe I told you this story before. It’s about a friend of mine who was stuck in a middle management position and couldn’t get promoted. She finally went to her boss to ask why. Simple, her boss told her, your … Continue reading

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Doing It Better

Every so often I have a day where I have absolutely no meetings of any kind and no imminently looming deadlines. “Ahh,” I think. “Finally, a day when I can….” But what I seem to be able to do on … Continue reading

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Should Your Nonprofit Be Run More “Like a Business”?

We in the nonprofit world are always hearing from our for-profit friends and volunteers that we should run more like a business.  Heck, I often say it—especially when confronted with a poorly run organization.  But business, as we know, isn’t … Continue reading

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