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Gaining Donors Trust

My parents generation—the so-called “greatest” generation—trusted nonprofits.  Theybelieved that not only did they do good works, but they did them well. But from Boomers to Millennials, that trust seems to have gone out the window.  According to a 2015 study … Continue reading

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No More Self-Talk

We’ve always had multiple dogs.  Usually two; occasionally three.  And because my son often brings his dog over when he’s at work…or play, that number is increased by one.  So, as our older dog—Belle—turned 15 in increasingly bad health, I … Continue reading

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Giving the Right Message

A few weeks ago, I had a wisdom tooth and what the surgeon thought was probably an infected cyst removed.  Just to be on the save side, he sent the cyst out for biopsy.  My follow up appointment was set … Continue reading

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Talking Themselves Into A Gift

When I first began facilitating trainings, my audience–like me–were mostly boomers. Learning, we believed, came from lectures given by experts. And, I confess, I loved being the expert. At first I followed the time honored procedure: lecture then time for … Continue reading

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What Does Our Nonprofit Do?

I was sent this fabulous blog  about the difference between for profit and not for profit organizations. I’m not going to repeat was said—just read it yourself. What I do want to write about, however, is one difference the author … Continue reading

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