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Fundraising Versus Development

We use the words interchangeably, but in actuality, they are quit different.  Fundraising is the actions you take to raise funds.  Period. It is the things you do to bring in money for your organization or your business.  It conjures … Continue reading

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Broken Promises–Unpaid Pledges

Pledges are promises made by donors to pay a certain amount over a scheduled period.  The IRS tells us to book those pledges in the year they are made.  We can’t, of course, spend the money until the pledge is … Continue reading

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Fundraising–It’s All Of A Piece

Labor Day Weekend.  Hard to believe that the summer is almost over—and all those things I was going to do during the “slow time” never did get done.  It never did get slow, either.  But partially that was my fault;  … Continue reading

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Remodel, Re-ignite, Raise More Money!

Next door, the gardener is mowing and blowing my neighbor’s lawn.  Makes me happy that we decided to hardscape—grass in a desert (which southern California really is) seems so wasteful.  So I sweep my lawn and feel superior. Another plus … Continue reading

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Building a Culture of Philanthropy

It was mid-summer, so my colleague Chuck Trione and I thought that the crowd would be small.  Instead, more than 80 people showed up for our presentation on “How to Create a Culture of Philanthropy.”  Clearly, the subject matter mattered. … Continue reading

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