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When Direct Mail Appeals Go Sadly Wrong

Dear “SALU” said the appeal, obviously missing the important step of mail merge.  Dear SALU, alas, wasn’t the only error.  The next sentence asked me–as a regular donor–to continue helping to do what they do.  But I’m not a regular … Continue reading

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Direct Mail-less

When I first started in the fundraising racket, direct mail was not just de rigueur in order to reach out to large audiences; it was probably the most effective and efficient way to raise unrestricted, annual funds. I started direct … Continue reading

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Words Count

Fundraising, as we all know, is the right person asking the right prospect for the right amount of support for the right project at the right time. It’s also asking for that support in the right way. What that way … Continue reading

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Is Direct Mail Dead? – “‘The economics of direct mail are failing,’ writes Mark Rovner, a fund-raising consultant on the blog Sea Change Strategies. ‘That is more or less an uncontroverted fact It costs more to mail, and fewer … Continue reading

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