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When I meet people who work at nonprofits—and, as a nonprofit consultant, most of the people I meet work at nonprofits—they generally describe their organizations by telling me about their programming and giving me a blow-by-blow account of what happens … Continue reading

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Who Cares?

“We don’t,” the potential client said, “have individuals who will fund us. ”  “Really?  Why do you say that?” “Well,” she answered, “the people we serve are poor, as is the community in which we are located.” “OK.  So what … Continue reading

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Who Owns the Donors?

One of the really irritating interview questions that development often have to endure is the one that asks how many donors will the candidate bring with her. The answer, of course, is none, for donors–cultivated and stewarded correctly–belong to the … Continue reading

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Developing Donors

Lately, all my workshops are about donor development. It’s what much of my consulting focuses on also.  How can we turn  a prospect into a donor?  But first, there needs to be clarity on what –or more accurately, who—is a … Continue reading

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Don’t Decide For Your Donors

That sound—it’s a door slamming shut.  And too often, the person doing the shutting is not who you think it might be.  It’s not the prospect saying, “No, I don’t want to support your organization.”  They are not the ones … Continue reading

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