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Fundraising Increases?

Online fundraising is up some percent over last year!  Giving Tuesday grew by another percent!  Headlines like this give me a headache.  The articles that accompany them usually make that headache worse. These could be citing important information.  For example, … Continue reading

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How Much is Too Much?

It’s official.  I am a Millennial.  At least as far as nonprofits who send out emails are concerned. According to a study by Grey Matter Research, millennials get 27 emails a week, while people 65 and older (my natural habitat), say … Continue reading

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Visualizing Your (Fundraising) Future

Eleven years ago, when a new president was appointed at the university where I served as Vice President of University Advancement, I knew my days were numbered.  I also knew that I should get the word out to my networks … Continue reading

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A Seriously Bad Fundraising Appeal

I thought it must be spam. Surely a large and reputable nonprofit would never send such a poorly conceived and badly written email. But no. It is apparently legit. Sigh. Double sigh It starts nicely enough. The first two words … Continue reading

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Steps to Success

As someone who does a lot of training, I appreciate the importance of making sure that my audience is hearing what I think I am saying.  One way to ensure that is to regularly define my terms.  Fundraising, like all … Continue reading

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