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Good Days/Bad Days

Most mornings I go to the gym.  I work out with weights, do cardio.  Some days I get lost inmy workout—it’s wonderful.  Somedays it is just hard.  Some days I don’t really want to be there.  But I am because … Continue reading

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More Giving Online. So What?

“Online Giving Up Over Previous Years” the headline read.  As if that means anything.  Thirty years ago, when I started my fundraising career, headlines could have read “Credit Card Giving Up Over Previous Years” and it would have had the … Continue reading

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New New Year’s Resolutions—Getting Unstuck From Start

In 2009, after my first full year of consulting, I wrote on this blog about David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done. A friend had just given it to me, and I found it full of useful information.  Information that still—9 … Continue reading

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Joyous Giving

I spend a lot of time thinking about the difference between annual and major gifts.  You know—annual are those gifts you get year after year after year.  Except you don’t, of course.  Attrition rates, at least for small nonprofits, are … Continue reading

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Whose Needs Matter?

The eblast started by announcing “Save (our Organization)”  then mentioned a matching fund challenge.  That was good;  matching funds work.  But they work best when the appeal is also enticing.  Save us sounds too much like, “We are so bad … Continue reading

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