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That Insidious Comfort Zone

Many of my individual coaching clients are development types stuck in jobs that no longer interest them.  It is time for them to move on, but something is holding them back.  That something manifests itself in them looking at a … Continue reading

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Tips On How To Find The Right Job

I work primarily with nonprofits, primarily in the area of fundraising. Much of my work is with development directors, and—as the typical development professional changes jobs every 18 months—the people I work with are often looking for a new job.  … Continue reading

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Jobs and Fundraising–Reach for the Stars

Stuck.  It’s a familiar place.  We all end up there at one time or another.  A fair amount of my coaching work is with people who know they need to take that next career step, and yet they are stuck … Continue reading

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Could you pick out a fundraiser in a crowd?

Cecil B. Ledesma has found the light. He wants to be a fundraiser. And so he wants to know if I’d be able to “tell by talking to someone or having them take a test whether they would be good … Continue reading

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