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Own Reality

Reality. It is a hard row for many to hoe. So often clients tell me that they do things (or don’t) that they clearly do not (or do). For completely understandable reasons, they don’t want to admit frailty or fault. … Continue reading

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Clarity and Consistency

I spent close to 40 years managing staff. It wasn’t my strongest suit. I was good at what needed to be done, but not so good at getting my staff to do it—probably because I wanted, always, for it to … Continue reading

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Tips On How To Find The Right Job

I work primarily with nonprofits, primarily in the area of fundraising. Much of my work is with development directors, and—as the typical development professional changes jobs every 18 months—the people I work with are often looking for a new job.  … Continue reading

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Busy, Busy

Busy.  Busy busy.  Busy busy busy.  I could learn to hate that word. I especially hate it when someone tells me that they are too busy to do something that they are supposed to be doing.  In my experience, that … Continue reading

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Singularity of Purpose

My two dogs have always been pretty opposite.  The mostly border collie is lithe, graceful and likes to move fast.  The keeshond/chow/who knows what else is large, lumbering and would prefer not to move at all. Walking them was always … Continue reading

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