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Too Busy

My niece sent me this cartoon: As I read it, I could hear so many nonprofits (including, alas, some of my clients): “Go away.  We’re too busy being frantic and dealing with urgent stuff to focus on actually doing things … Continue reading

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Why Strategic Planning Fails

I’ve long been ambivalent about the value of the strategic planning process for most organizations.  It’s not that I don’t think it is worthwhile to take a longer view, consider what you would like to accomplish—it’s that most strategic plans … Continue reading

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The Reach

The name on birth certificate is Janet Anne Hirst.  So, when we were walking up Portobello Road in London this June, my husband thought this would make an appropriate picture: And because research shows that blogs with pictures get more … Continue reading

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Productivity and Getting the Job Done

Good news.  The brain can “simultaneously keep track of two separate goals, even while it is busy performing a task related to one of the aims, hinting that the mind might be better at multitasking than previously thought.”  At least … Continue reading

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The Vision Thing

The vision thing–not being so busy doing what you do that you forget to consider what you want to be. Continue reading

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