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No More Self-Talk

We’ve always had multiple dogs.  Usually two; occasionally three.  And because my son often brings his dog over when he’s at work…or play, that number is increased by one.  So, as our older dog—Belle—turned 15 in increasingly bad health, I … Continue reading

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Doing What You Can

My first fundraising job was at a very large research university that was (and is) well known as a fundraising powerhouse.  As long as I did the right things, which was mainly taking care of my prospects and donors and … Continue reading

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Being a Part of Your Success

“How many of you,” I typically ask when I’m brought in to talk with a board about fundraising, “joined this board because you couldn’t wait to ask your friends for money?” You can guess how many raise their hands.  Not … Continue reading

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The Reality of Charitable Giving

“Charitable Giving In The U.S. Reached All-Time High In 2016: $390 Billion,” trumpets the headline in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.  But that just seems bogus.  A more important fact is that charitable giving was at 2.1% of GDP—again.  In fact, … Continue reading

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Surviving the Existential Crisis

I am, my sister wrote to me, “stuck in an existential crisis.” I know exactly what she means. I wake up each morning, dreading what the news will be.  What fresh indignity.  What calamity or threat to my core beliefs. And … Continue reading

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