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Who Cares?

“We don’t,” the potential client said, “have individuals who will fund us. ”  “Really?  Why do you say that?” “Well,” she answered, “the people we serve are poor, as is the community in which we are located.” “OK.  So what … Continue reading

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Dare To Be Different–Plan!

Fundraising. Creating relationships. Asking for support. Keeping those who support you close so they will want to support you again. Easy. Right? So why do so many have such difficulty? It starts with planning. Or rather, the utter and complete … Continue reading

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End The Nonprofit Poverty Mentality

   As someone who has spent the last 25 years in the nonprofit sector and the 15 before that toiling in various and sundry for profit endeavors, I would be the first to say there is a definite difference between … Continue reading

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To What End?

As usual, all the stuff I thought I’d get done during the holidays, didn’t. In my defense, I had many more work meetings than I expected, but I’m not sure that would have changed much. What I have come to … Continue reading

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Getting Organized

I am not a naturally neat or organized person. In fact, chaotic is probably the best word to use when describing my natural habitat. But I learned early on that chaos was not a synonym for creative as I had … Continue reading

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