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The Board Member Who Got Away

He is exactly the kind of board member you want:  affluent, influential, and willing to share his network.  But he’s not going to serve on any nonprofit board soon. Why? Well, after talking to a number of organizations, his sense … Continue reading

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For Board Members Who Fear Making The Ask

Nothing, but nothing, makes grown men and women shake as much as the prospect of asking someone to make a charitable gift. “I’ll do anything but ask someone to give….” are common enough words from (otherwise wonderful) board members. But … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?

Every year or so, someone write about how organizations in our sector need a new name. Non or not for profit, they posit, is a negative and we need to position ourselves in a more positive light. And every time … Continue reading

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Boards and Giving

The question that keeps coming up is “Should Board members be expected to give?” I keep wondering why that is a question at all. Of course Board members should give. In fact, if they aren’t already supporting the organization, why … Continue reading

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End The Nonprofit Poverty Mentality

   As someone who has spent the last 25 years in the nonprofit sector and the 15 before that toiling in various and sundry for profit endeavors, I would be the first to say there is a definite difference between … Continue reading

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