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Getting Things Done

The new gym I joined after my long-time gym closed is really crowded during the times I always worked out. Because I really don’t like this new gym, I found myself just not going.  Which made me crazy and very unhappy.  I decided … Continue reading

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Getting It Done!

Every October the organization sends out its end of the year appeal. Except when it doesn’t. And when it does, it’s always a last minute scramble. Ditto for the appeal that goes out (or doesn’t!) in May. And the gala … Continue reading

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No is not necessarily a negative word

Constantly, I am reminded why this blog is named “Too Busy to Fundraise.” Because you are. And you shouldn’t be. A lot of the reason is—I hate to say it—self-inflicted. Instead of sitting with your boss (be that the ED, … Continue reading

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I’m Supposed To Be Where? When?

Of all the things I do, have done and, I suspect, ever will do, keeping my calendar is just about the hardest.  I don’t know why, but keeping it straight, getting the right days, times, locations and YES! the correct … Continue reading

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