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Nurture Donors, Don’t Chase Dollars

I’m on a mission. To move fundraising from the mindset of chasing dollars to that of nurturing donors. And I think it will take more than simply saying “Donor-centered fundraising.” To me it starts with the way we define fundraising … Continue reading

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The Rights of Fundraising

The best definition I ever saw about successful fundraising is that it is the right person, asking the right prospect, for the right amount, at the right time, for the right project, in the right way. You might note that … Continue reading

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One Year Does Not A Trend Make

Every year there are a number of reports about giving. Most of them compare the past year to the year before, as if that really told the story. A few years ago, the big news was that bequest giving was … Continue reading

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Fantasy Fundraising

I have this theory: If every nonprofit would have a written development plan–which was created in some part to meet the needs of a written strategic plan, which was supplemented with a one-year work plan–and if there was a commitment … Continue reading

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Mature Fundraising

My husband has a wonderful facility for sitting still he likes nothing better than a day when he an sit on the sofa or in an easy hair, reading, watching TV or movies and not moving at all. I, on … Continue reading

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