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On Asking

The other night I was the speaker at a Junior League general membership meeting.  My topic was about the fundraising ask.  But even before I got up to talk, one of the members gave the best workshop on why asking … Continue reading

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Say What You Want To Say

It’s that time and my mailbox—both actual and electronic—is filling with annual reports.  I’m always of several minds about these, but that is for a different blog.  This one is about the way nonprofits often report their expenses and revenues … Continue reading

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Giving the Right Message

A few weeks ago, I had a wisdom tooth and what the surgeon thought was probably an infected cyst removed.  Just to be on the save side, he sent the cyst out for biopsy.  My follow up appointment was set … Continue reading

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Consistency Beats Brilliance Every Single Time

The most exciting thing happened to me this week. One of my clients said out loud in a meeting with board members that the most important thing she’s done recently is to follow my advice and put a development plan … Continue reading

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For Board Members Who Fear Making The Ask

Nothing, but nothing, makes grown men and women shake as much as the prospect of asking someone to make a charitable gift. “I’ll do anything but ask someone to give….” are common enough words from (otherwise wonderful) board members. But … Continue reading

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