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When I Win A MacArthur

What would I do if I were to win a MacArthur Genius Grant (which I just learned really should be called a MacArthur Fellowship)?  It’s an idle thought, but one I have every year when the winners are named.  My … Continue reading

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Doggedly Successful

Barbara Clegg  a much wiser coach than I is clear that if the coach is working harder than the client, the coaching isn’t working.  In theory I believe that, but in practice, I find that is not always true. Granted, … Continue reading

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Jobs and Fundraising–Reach for the Stars

Stuck.  It’s a familiar place.  We all end up there at one time or another.  A fair amount of my coaching work is with people who know they need to take that next career step, and yet they are stuck … Continue reading

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