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The Reason Why

You know this. Fundraising is not simply holding out your hand and asking for money. It’s not about telling someone (or some funder) about all your programs and how much you really need their support. It is about building relationships, … Continue reading

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Connecting the Dots

A confession. I no longer open direct mail. But this was from a place where I had been the Executive Director—although many years ago—and I was curious what they were up to. Alas, not much. They still had “a fabulous … Continue reading

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At A Distance

Arms length. It’s the worst way to connect with a prospective donor. Direct mail–when sending to a list that is at least warm–only gets about a 4% positive response rate. Email solicitations tend to be even lower. And newsletters, lower … Continue reading

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Talking Themselves Into A Gift

When I first began facilitating trainings, my audience–like me–were mostly boomers. Learning, we believed, came from lectures given by experts. And, I confess, I loved being the expert. At first I followed the time honored procedure: lecture then time for … Continue reading

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Don’t Fail To Communicate

“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate” is a once famous quotation from Cool Hand Luke, a movie I loved in my misbegotten youth. I think about that statement a lot in my work. Not so much that I … Continue reading

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