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Think like a donor

My days are spent working with nonprofits, helping them to identify and implement ways to get new donors, keep old ones, move all donors up the fundraising pyramid, and help a select group of donors to make additional gifts.  The … Continue reading

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In Praise of Doing Nothing

At the gym, I tend to listen to podcasts of radio shows I don’t listen to when I’m in the car. It’s my dose of politics and popular culture. Though sometimes, truth be told, I don’t actually listen to anything. … Continue reading

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Fundraising–Love It or Hate It

Love/hate.  I’m always torn whether I feel better when it’s a lovefest after a board retreat or when there is angst, anxiety, and they end up not liking me very much.  On a personal level, the former is much much … Continue reading

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Spending the Right Time in the Right Places

When you have a lot to do and not a lot of people to delegate any of it to, besides being stressed and overwhelmed, you often end up not focusing your attention in the most effective ways.  You are, frankly, … Continue reading

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From Anxiety to Action

Days of Dread, I call them.  You know, those days when you awake, after a night filled with anxiety dreams where you are slogging through quicksand, lost and have no map, looking for something you can’t find, and the day … Continue reading

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