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Five Reasons Your Fundraising Is Failing

You never ask!  This, above all, is the single most important reason fundraising fails.  As my father always told me:  If you don’t ask, you don’t get.  But do make sure that you are asking appropriately.  Which leads us to … Continue reading

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Are You Cultivating or Just Touching?

Cultivation.  The steps you take to move a prospect closer to becoming a donor.  All the things you do to build a relationship; the way you make your donors feel that they are a part of your organization and that … Continue reading

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If it matters, if they care….

Before I was a fundraiser, I held many different sales jobs, including one as a life and health insurance agent. Shortly after I started at my agency, I went to the star agent and asked, “What do I need to … Continue reading

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Cultivation is the Key

At a conference recently, a colleague noted that people engaged in fundraising don’t ask enough.  I demurred.  I think they do ask—but not always appropriately.  What is missing is cultivation. The dictionary definition of cultivation is : To promote or … Continue reading

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Understanding Roles and Responsibilities

Well, no. This isn’t really about boards. It’s about staff. Particularly development staff. What is the role and what are the responsibilities of the development director? I sit through a lot of meetings where it is clear that no-one, including … Continue reading

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