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Own Reality

Reality. It is a hard row for many to hoe. So often clients tell me that they do things (or don’t) that they clearly do not (or do). For completely understandable reasons, they don’t want to admit frailty or fault. … Continue reading

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Getting It Done!

Every October the organization sends out its end of the year appeal. Except when it doesn’t. And when it does, it’s always a last minute scramble. Ditto for the appeal that goes out (or doesn’t!) in May. And the gala … Continue reading

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The Simple Solution

Like you, I have too much on my plate. I frequently feel overwhelmed. And when I do, I sometimes feel that I will never, ever, get it all done. And when I begin to feel that way, I sometimes cease … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done

Maybe it’s that adrenalin rush.  Or perhaps the way panic focuses my mind.  Whatever.  I love deadlines.  While I don’t particularly agree with the idea that “Failure is not an option”—often failure is our greatest teacher—I am totally sold if … Continue reading

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