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Hiring the Right Fundraising Staff

Because so many of my clients are looking to hire fundraising staff, I’ve spent quite a bit of time reviewing job descriptions.  And it is no wonder that bad hires happen. Fundraising is not monolithic, and it doesn’t proceed neatly … Continue reading

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Understanding Roles and Responsibilities

Well, no. This isn’t really about boards. It’s about staff. Particularly development staff. What is the role and what are the responsibilities of the development director? I sit through a lot of meetings where it is clear that no-one, including … Continue reading

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Getting It Done!

Every October the organization sends out its end of the year appeal. Except when it doesn’t. And when it does, it’s always a last minute scramble. Ditto for the appeal that goes out (or doesn’t!) in May. And the gala … Continue reading

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Be SMART About Your Development Director

“I don’t want to whine,” my client said as soon as I said hello, “But, can I whine?” Sure. What’s a coach for?   But she didn’t whine. She just asked a really reasonable question: How can I do a good … Continue reading

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Board Members and Fundraising

Board members are not good fundraisers, a survey from Board Source says. Well, duh. Most of my clients—staff and board members alike—would agree. Much of my work, in fact, is about helping board members to become better at fundraising. And … Continue reading

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