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Cooking and Fundraising

If you, like me, watch the PBS show Endeavor, you know that the days of the week can be defined by the sandwiches Mrs. Thursday makes for her husband’s lunch.  My mother was that kind of cook:  we had the … Continue reading

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Type A No Longer

I’m sitting here, looking at my “to do” list (really, a flip chart so I can’t pretend I misplaced it), and not wanting to do any of it at all. And so I don’t and then, typically, anxiety attacks, and … Continue reading

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List Making

I am a list maker. I feel unfinished if I don’t have a list to hand of things to do, books to read, exhibits to see, restaurants to try. I keep lists of current clients, outstanding proposals, projects to finish … Continue reading

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Fantasy Fundraising

I have this theory: If every nonprofit would have a written development plan–which was created in some part to meet the needs of a written strategic plan, which was supplemented with a one-year work plan–and if there was a commitment … Continue reading

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That Fundraising Plan

Summer is almost half gone.  We’re heading rapidly into the fourth quarter, and I’m hearing from a lot of nonprofits that unless things change, they will not meet their fundraising goals. This is nothing new.  August usually brings me lots … Continue reading

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