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Fundraising Results By the Numbers

“We decided to do a gala this year,” my former client was telling me.  “And our net profits are 10 times what our goal was.” That sounds fantastic, until I asked a few pertinent questions, starting with, “Is this new … Continue reading

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TWO Steps to Fundraising Success

Yes, you read that right—two, count them: One, Two—steps to fundraising success.  Do these two things and I guarantee, absolutely, that you will have success. Ready?  Okay,  Here goes: Do something.  Stop talking about what you will do, could do, … Continue reading

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Fundraising Creatively, Responsively and Effectively

I love to think of myself as a free-spirit.  Someone who “goes with the flow.”  Creative, responsive, not bound by rules. The reality is something quite different. The more I understand what I need to do and how I am … Continue reading

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