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Raising Money

As election results sink in and so many are asking what now, one answer is to support those nonprofits that work in the areas likely to be most affected:  health care, immigration, gay rights, racism, sexism, real news, and so … Continue reading

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Reaching the (Fundraising) Top

I am a counter.  That’s how I know that there are 276 stairs up to the Baldwin Hills Scenic overlook.   Or maybe it is 278.  For not only am I a counter, but I am a careless one.  I blame … Continue reading

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Is Fundraising The Board Responsibility?

According to BoardSource, nonprofit boards have 10 basic responsibilities.  They range from determining mission and purpose to enhancing the organization’s public standing.  In between there are responsibilities about selecting and evaluating the chief executive, ensuring effective planning, providing oversight and … Continue reading

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Constant Learning, Constant Improvement

In not too many days it will be my birthday.  Not one ending in 0—that happens NEXT year—but still, to me, a big one.  One that is a lot older than I feel. There are things that I really like … Continue reading

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You and We

  It’s an interesting word, “we.”  In many ways it is inclusive:  This group including me.  But in others—particularly in a fundraising world—it can also be divisive:  You will support us, and we, the organization, will do all the important … Continue reading

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