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Much Changes–and Much Remains

We (my co-teacher Bo Morton and I) in the process of rewriting my over a decade-old online grants class, and it’s interesting to think about what has changed—and what has not. Back then, everything was done on paper. Paid subscription … Continue reading

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Integrating Your Fundraising Efforts

Many of my clients have one-person development offices. If they are lucky, that means that there is a development director and maybe a (often part time) assistant.  If they are not, that means that the CEO is also the development … Continue reading

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On Being a Development Director

Working with many different nonprofit organizations as I do, I get to see a wide range of development director jobs.  Mostly, when I read the job description or talk to the person in the job, I can only shake my … Continue reading

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Support Comes From Those You Know

Fundraising.  To many people it is the simple act of asking someone else for money.  Well, maybe not so simple to do, but simple in concept.  And yet, just asking, while important, can—if not done right—be exactly the wrong thing … Continue reading

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The Need of Grant Writing

Just because your organization exists and does good, important—sometimes critical—work should be enough to convince a funder that your program deserves support.  Right? Wrong. Beyond the obvious of having to meet the current interest areas of a funder, your program … Continue reading

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