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Screening and Rating Your Prospects

      When I started in development, I worked in a large research university, where—as a gift officer—I had a lot of support.  Not the least of that was a development research department that could provide me with a … Continue reading

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Developing Donors

Lately, all my workshops are about donor development. It’s what much of my consulting focuses on also.  How can we turn  a prospect into a donor?  But first, there needs to be clarity on what –or more accurately, who—is a … Continue reading

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The Ask—Helping Donors Get Where They Want to Go

Last month, in my coaching class, we did a “wheel of life.”  A circle, divided by spokes.  Each spoke was named:  Physical Environment, Career, Money, Health, Friends and Family, etc.  On the horizontal axis, from the center to the left … Continue reading

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