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Be SMART About Your Development Director

“I don’t want to whine,” my client said as soon as I said hello, “But, can I whine?” Sure. What’s a coach for?   But she didn’t whine. She just asked a really reasonable question: How can I do a good … Continue reading

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I Have A 5-Point Program…..

When I on staff as a development director, I truly hated all the consultants, presenters at conferences, fundraising article authors who all hinted at great wisdom and a way to reach your fundraising goal, which they would tell you once … Continue reading

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On Being a Development Director

Working with many different nonprofit organizations as I do, I get to see a wide range of development director jobs.  Mostly, when I read the job description or talk to the person in the job, I can only shake my … Continue reading

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Being Clear

I’m on a clarity kick.  Not that being clear about what is being done, what direction things are heading, what outcomes are desired is ever far from my thoughts, but lately it feels more imperative. Several organizations I work with … Continue reading

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Evaluating for Good

The Board Chair was concerned.  The Board, he said, was losing confidence in the Executive Director.  He spent half of our lunch telling me about erratic behaviors, missed deadlines and—most troubling—instances where the ED had kept things from the Board, … Continue reading

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