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Joyous Giving

I spend a lot of time thinking about the difference between annual and major gifts.  You know—annual are those gifts you get year after year after year.  Except you don’t, of course.  Attrition rates, at least for small nonprofits, are … Continue reading

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Nurture Donors, Don’t Chase Dollars

I’m on a mission. To move fundraising from the mindset of chasing dollars to that of nurturing donors. And I think it will take more than simply saying “Donor-centered fundraising.” To me it starts with the way we define fundraising … Continue reading

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Making a Move

Getting a major gift is typically the results of a carefully planned and orchestrated series of moves or touches that brings the prospect closer to the organization. Different prospects start at different points—some are already committed to the organization and … Continue reading

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The Right Gift

It was a fundraiser’s nightmare. We had finally found a time when my president and major donor prospects (husband and wife) could meet. And then, as we starting talking about the campaign, the husband stopped us. “You do know that … Continue reading

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That Insidious Comfort Zone

Many of my individual coaching clients are development types stuck in jobs that no longer interest them.  It is time for them to move on, but something is holding them back.  That something manifests itself in them looking at a … Continue reading

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