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When Direct Mail Appeals Go Sadly Wrong

Dear “SALU” said the appeal, obviously missing the important step of mail merge.  Dear SALU, alas, wasn’t the only error.  The next sentence asked me–as a regular donor–to continue helping to do what they do.  But I’m not a regular … Continue reading

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The Board and Fundraising

The Executive Director was afraid that if he brought me to the board retreat to talk with the board about their fundraising responsibilities, they would feel dissed and he would seem ungrateful for the work they do do. Does any … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?

It’s the silly season again. Every few years, someone gets the bright idea that the problem with nonprofit organizations is the fact that we are called nonprofits (or not-for-profits) and that connotes some sort of negativity. So new names are … Continue reading

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Talking the Talk–What to Say When Fundraising

Most board members and not a few Executive Directors spend a lot of time looking for those magic words that they can say that will encourage others to whip out wallets and give generously. But it’s not a set of … Continue reading

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