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The Leadership Conundrum

Next week  (October 21, 2013 at 6pm) I’m taking part in a panel on Leadership in the Non-Profit sector at Marymount California University .  Naturally, that is causing me to think a lot about leadership and (because it is always … Continue reading

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On Being a Development Director

Working with many different nonprofit organizations as I do, I get to see a wide range of development director jobs.  Mostly, when I read the job description or talk to the person in the job, I can only shake my … Continue reading

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Fundraising Creatively, Responsively and Effectively

I love to think of myself as a free-spirit.  Someone who “goes with the flow.”  Creative, responsive, not bound by rules. The reality is something quite different. The more I understand what I need to do and how I am … Continue reading

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Better and Best

We were travelling on the Docklands Light Rail.  The sign above the door exhorted passengers to make the DLR “faster, cleaner, safer.” “That seems wrong,” I commented to my husband.  “Now I’m thinking that the DLR is somehow slow, dirty … Continue reading

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Features or Benefits

Years ago, I was an insurance agent (now you know why I think fundraising is fun).  I didn’t love the insurance aspect, but I did love all the sales training we got.  One of the things that was constantly drilled … Continue reading

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