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On Asking

The other night I was the speaker at a Junior League general membership meeting.  My topic was about the fundraising ask.  But even before I got up to talk, one of the members gave the best workshop on why asking … Continue reading

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Why We Should Avoid A Business Model

All of us in the nonprofit world have heard the mantra that we must run like a business. At lunch the other day, a colleague questioned if that was anything we should even aspire to. Not that we shouldn’t seek … Continue reading

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Money

Money.  Some people will say that the love of it is the root of all evil.  Others think it is the major measure of success.  Many of us, and I do count myself in this group, have a difficult relationship … Continue reading

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Values Based Fundraising

In 1988, I fell into a fundraising job and felt that I quite literally had died and gone to heaven. What could be better than to spend my days with interesting people, learning about their dreams and desires, sharing stories … Continue reading

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What’s Winning?

What we need, the Board chair said, is a win.  What you need, I responded, is a plan.  I’ve been writing about development plans for the past few weeks—and will continue writing about developing one soon.  But the other day, … Continue reading

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