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Whose Needs Matter?

The eblast started by announcing “Save (our Organization)”  then mentioned a matching fund challenge.  That was good;  matching funds work.  But they work best when the appeal is also enticing.  Save us sounds too much like, “We are so bad … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Ira Glass

Dear Ira Glass, Like millions of others, I’m a big fan. And like too many of those others, I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t support This American Life. I listen to the podcast at the gym, and delight in … Continue reading

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Speaking Clearly

There’s a wonderful old story about a man and a woman, out for a Sunday driver. “Oh, look, ” says the woman, “there’s a Dairy Queen.” My husband and I endlessly live this story. For he, like the man n … Continue reading

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Fundraising Differently

The appeal was of the sky is falling variety.   Government funding is down.  We need you to replace those funds.  Less people attended our gala; we need you to step up.  Annual giving has tanked—be the solution to our problems.  … Continue reading

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The Right Need

Need is one of those fraught words. It means “a condition or situation in which something is required or wanted,” but for some that translates into “something lacking “ while for others it is, rather, “an object of desire.” In … Continue reading

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