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The Well Resourced Nonprofit

The businessman was ardently telling me how awful it was that nonprofits spend donated money on things like (gasp!) salaries, staff development, office space, benefits!  The money he gives, he told me, should only go to programs.  We’ve heard this … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?

It’s the silly season again. Every few years, someone gets the bright idea that the problem with nonprofit organizations is the fact that we are called nonprofits (or not-for-profits) and that connotes some sort of negativity. So new names are … Continue reading

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The Board You Deserve

A colleague, as he gets ready to hang up his shingle, wonders what has changed in the nonprofit sector since he started consulting. It’s not an idle question—he wants to know if the many years he’s devoted to this work … Continue reading

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Thinking of Starting A New Nonprofit? Think Again!

This week I was on a panel at Marymount California University on leadership in the nonprofit world.  We were a mixed group—3 Executive Directors of local nonprofits, the head of Toyota’s charitable giving program, and me.  While our work is … Continue reading

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Stomp Out Should

Fundraisers, despite our commitment to mission and doing good, tend to be a pretty crass bunch.  Our eyes are fills with dollar signs, and we tend to look at people as a means to an end rather than the end … Continue reading

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