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Five Reasons Your Fundraising Is Failing

You never ask!  This, above all, is the single most important reason fundraising fails.  As my father always told me:  If you don’t ask, you don’t get.  But do make sure that you are asking appropriately.  Which leads us to … Continue reading

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Be A Successful Fundraiser

Fundraising, I believe, is as much of a science as an art.  Success comes with intentionality, process, attention to detail, follow up.  Yes, being personable helps—at least when you are trying to create relationships with prospects and donors.  But, truthfully, … Continue reading

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Is Fundraising The Board Responsibility?

According to BoardSource, nonprofit boards have 10 basic responsibilities.  They range from determining mission and purpose to enhancing the organization’s public standing.  In between there are responsibilities about selecting and evaluating the chief executive, ensuring effective planning, providing oversight and … Continue reading

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Is It The End of the Year Already?

August.  And guess what?  It’s not too early to start planning your end of the year appeal.  In fact, if  you start now, you’ll avoid all that panic, stress, and possibly missed deadlines. So first, what’s it going to look … Continue reading

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You Have to Ask

  The organization had a plan—to meet the small challenge grant a board member gave, they were going to target the donors on their mailing list.  They also thought that crowdfunding would be a great idea, as would peer-to-peer asks.  … Continue reading

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