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Too Busy

My niece sent me this cartoon: As I read it, I could hear so many nonprofits (including, alas, some of my clients): “Go away.  We’re too busy being frantic and dealing with urgent stuff to focus on actually doing things … Continue reading

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The Seasons of Our Discontent

Talk long enough to anyone in the nonprofit sector, and you are likely to find a measure of discontent;  a sense that things aren’t, somehow, what we hoped they would be. I don’t actually think that this much different than … Continue reading

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Values Based Fundraising

In 1988, I fell into a fundraising job and felt that I quite literally had died and gone to heaven. What could be better than to spend my days with interesting people, learning about their dreams and desires, sharing stories … Continue reading

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What is Your Purpose

My sister sent me an article from the New York Times  that talks about how a sense of purpose helps to sustain people in old age. I think a sense of purpose helps to sustain us no matter what our … Continue reading

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Friendship and Fundraising

How, the woman asked, do I turn an acquaintance with a wealthy person into a fundraising relationship? It’s never a sure thing that you can, but what you can do—what I believe you must do—is be very upfront about your … Continue reading

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