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Talking Themselves Into A Gift

When I first began facilitating trainings, my audience–like me–were mostly boomers. Learning, we believed, came from lectures given by experts. And, I confess, I loved being the expert. At first I followed the time honored procedure: lecture then time for … Continue reading

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Story Telling That Works

Story telling as a fundraising device is one of the things with which I have a love/hate relationship. I love the idea of humanizing what an organization does and making it personal; I hate the reality that too many people … Continue reading

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Make Online Giving Count

From the contents of my inbox, it is clear that nonprofits are getting the message—online giving is growing. Every day, sometimes several times a day, I get an email from an organization exhorting me to give now. This is all … Continue reading

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Values Based Fundraising

In 1988, I fell into a fundraising job and felt that I quite literally had died and gone to heaven. What could be better than to spend my days with interesting people, learning about their dreams and desires, sharing stories … Continue reading

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Fundraising Metrics

It’s been several weeks since the Development Director moved on to (perhaps) greener pastures. Her boss has been going through things, and yesterday stated that she was shocked at how much had been left undone. I was shocked because I … Continue reading

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