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Fundraising Results By the Numbers

“We decided to do a gala this year,” my former client was telling me.  “And our net profits are 10 times what our goal was.” That sounds fantastic, until I asked a few pertinent questions, starting with, “Is this new … Continue reading

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Getting Where You Want to Go

I am of many minds about a number of things:  feasibility studies, strategic planning, endowment, special events, to name a few.  It’s not that I am against any of these, but I am adverse to anyone thinking they are necessary … Continue reading

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Dare To Be Different–Plan!

Fundraising. Creating relationships. Asking for support. Keeping those who support you close so they will want to support you again. Easy. Right? So why do so many have such difficulty? It starts with planning. Or rather, the utter and complete … Continue reading

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