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Stupid Stewardship Steps

This morning, as I was trying to think of something to blog about, I got the following email (with names redacted): The subject line was Information about your 2016 donation to (our organization) The email itself went on to say:  … Continue reading

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Connecting the Dots

A confession. I no longer open direct mail. But this was from a place where I had been the Executive Director—although many years ago—and I was curious what they were up to. Alas, not much. They still had “a fabulous … Continue reading

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Getting Donors/Keeping Donors

The board fund development committee members were sitting around, talking about who hadn’t yet made their annual gift and what they needed to do to get that gift. It was an important conversation, but it wasn’t the only conversation they … Continue reading

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Keeping It Small

Fundraising, we all know, is all about relationships. And relationships really get cemented when you have quality, one-on-one time to get to know each other and understand the other’s hopes and dreams. This is especially important when we are talking … Continue reading

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On Being An Ambassador

Being an ambassador is a critical role for board members of nonprofits. But, what, exactly, does that mean? Simply telling others about the good work the organization does is nice, but is it effective? Does it make any difference? It … Continue reading

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