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Be A Successful Fundraiser

Fundraising, I believe, is as much of a science as an art.  Success comes with intentionality, process, attention to detail, follow up.  Yes, being personable helps—at least when you are trying to create relationships with prospects and donors.  But, truthfully, … Continue reading

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Encouraging Excellence

Maybe I told you this story before. It’s about a friend of mine who was stuck in a middle management position and couldn’t get promoted. She finally went to her boss to ask why. Simple, her boss told her, your … Continue reading

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How to Successfully Cold Call

Those who know me today are always surprised to learn that, really, I am a very shy person—who has overcompensated. I dislike walking into parties or events where I don’t know anyone and I hate making phone calls that are … Continue reading

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Doggedly Successful

Barbara Clegg  a much wiser coach than I is clear that if the coach is working harder than the client, the coaching isn’t working.  In theory I believe that, but in practice, I find that is not always true. Granted, … Continue reading

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Fundraising Successfully Through Failure

I’ve always believed that the key to success is failure.  So I was particularly pleased to read in the New Yorker magazine a review of a biography of Albert O. Hirschman, an economist who believed that success grows out of failure. … Continue reading

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