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Cooking and Fundraising

If you, like me, watch the PBS show Endeavor, you know that the days of the week can be defined by the sandwiches Mrs. Thursday makes for her husband’s lunch.  My mother was that kind of cook:  we had the … Continue reading

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Getting It Right

Fundraising, we often say, is building relationships.  And that is true—in a way—no matter what type of fundraising you are doing.  Most individual fundraising is done at a distance, though an appeal letter, a newsletter, even social media.  So how … Continue reading

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Not Just Grants

The board member was telling me that his organization “doesn’t bother” with individual donors. “Grants,” he said (smugly, I might add), “make so much more sense.   Bigger dollars. Why spend time getting $100 or even $1,000 from a individuals?” I, … Continue reading

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The Rules Remain

  The board member sighed.  “What you are suggesting is old fashioned fundraising,” she said.  Things have changed so enormously. “Tell me more,” I said, knowing exactly what she would say: More people are giving online Mobile devices are how … Continue reading

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