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Getting Things Done

The new gym I joined after my long-time gym closed is really crowded during the times I always worked out. Because I really don’t like this new gym, I found myself just not going.  Which made me crazy and very unhappy.  I decided … Continue reading

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Who Manages the Board?

In my business, I hear a lot about boards—good, bad and very ugly.  What I don’t hear a lot about is Executive Directors who feel that they have much to do with their board members’ behavior.  But the board does … Continue reading

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Letting Go

It’s been an uncommonly busy two months.  Add to that the miserable cold that doesn’t want to leave.  Mix together and you end up (well, I ended up) with overload.  That, in turn, caused stress, which made me feel even … Continue reading

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To What End?

As usual, all the stuff I thought I’d get done during the holidays, didn’t. In my defense, I had many more work meetings than I expected, but I’m not sure that would have changed much. What I have come to … Continue reading

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Are You STILL Too Busy to Fundraise?

Almost seven years ago, a friend and I started this blog, calling it Too Busy To Fundraise because that was what we had been hearing from our fellow fundraisers for years. A few months into the blog, my friend truly … Continue reading

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