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The Point Is…Success on Your Terms

She had been in her job—one she loved and did well—for a number of years.  It was time, she thought, to improve her work status. She applied for, and eventually got, a job with a better title and a nice … Continue reading

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The Seasons of Our Discontent

Talk long enough to anyone in the nonprofit sector, and you are likely to find a measure of discontent;  a sense that things aren’t, somehow, what we hoped they would be. I don’t actually think that this much different than … Continue reading

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Time to Refresh

I’m in my 8th year of consulting. That’s much longer than I’ve stayed at any other job. Not surprising for a fundraiser—we stay, on average, for 16 months, then move on to greener pastures. Greener pastures is what I’ve been … Continue reading

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When To Jump Ship

In the last several weeks, I’ve gotten panicky calls from Executive and Development Directors who have just been or on the verge of being fired. That’s not unusual. Ours is a volatile business and all talk of sustainability and stability … Continue reading

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Tips On How To Find The Right Job

I work primarily with nonprofits, primarily in the area of fundraising. Much of my work is with development directors, and—as the typical development professional changes jobs every 18 months—the people I work with are often looking for a new job.  … Continue reading

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